Who are we?

Tricia Stolp BSc (hon) MCSP

Tricia is an Australian trained physiotherapist with 20 years experience.   She worked extensively in the public and private sector in Australia,  prior to relocating to the UK in 1998. Tricia added to her extensive musculoskeletal and orthopaedic experience with a move to the field of elderly rehabilitation and community care. Prior to starting Physiotherapy at Home,  Trica held senior management positions within the NHS managing multidisciplinary teams providing services to patients in the community. With a particular interest in falls, orthopaedics, elderly rehabilitation and improving independence Tricia returned to the clinical field developing Physiotherapy @ Home in order to provide high quality physiotherapy services to meet the needs of individuals in the local community. Tricia owns and manages Physiotherapy at Home.

Jane Tucker BSc (hon) MCSP

Jane is an experienced UK trained physiotherapist who graduated from Brunel University in 2001. Jane is experienced in community rehabilitation and elderly care. 

Andrea Julius BSc (hon) MSc MACP MCSP

Andrea qualified over 20 years ago from Kings College London. She has worked across London's major hospitals as a physiotherapist and extended scope practitioner in sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation with a particular interest in back pain. In addition, Andrea was also involved in research and taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy courses. In the second half of her career, Andrea moved to working in the community and developed a multidisciplinary bone health service within the NHS. This led to a growing interest in falls, osteoporosis and elderly rehabilitation resulting in a passion for maximising independence and quality of life.


Gareth Roblin BSc MCSP

Gareth graduated in 2004 from St Georges Hospital Medical School and has worked in the varied settings of the NHS.  In recent years he has been leading a therapy team specialising in elderly rehabilitation at a local London community healthcare trust whilst also leading on the inpatient falls prevention. He is a strong believer in being able to provide rehabilitation programmes to a person in their own home as it can often produce more positive and realistic outcomes when you have a physical sense of the tasks that someone needs to achieve from the direct experience of their environment. Gareth also specialises in amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation in both a clinical and community environment.

All physiotherapists at Physiotherapy at Home are chartered and HPC registered. Their registration details can be checked on www.hpccheck.org.